The Dream

The Dream

The sky was clear, it was a beautiful night
Though far far away, it shone so bright.
In all its purity, in all its youth
There was the moon, in all its truth.
Perhaps a glimpse of the world beyond
Infinite possibilities coming along.
A window that opens every single day
Revealing to us mortals, the charms that lay.
Look at its beauty, look at its lure
The dream of an artist, and maybe even more.


Rising from the ashes

Rising from the ashes

Standing alone, staring at the darkness ahead,
I feel as if I’m already half dead.
Paralyzed by the fear of loss,
I see no light, no hope, and no applause.
Terrified by the thought of not being able to make it,
I fail to look beyond the dark, where the truth lays naked.
If I stand here still, with my eyes all closed,
And feel only dejected, distressed and disposed,
What right do I have then to expect something to happen,
To take away all the pain, and fill my life with passion.
It’s I who must try, give everything to it, and burn myself dry.
For ashes is from where the phoenix rises,
And so shall I, for a life full of surprises.
Then will I find myself deserving,
And every second of my life fulfilling, forgiving and worth living.

Adding a little spice to the recipe of life

Adding a little spice to the recipe of life

What is life without fun? We go about our lives very seriously, thinking about and completing our daily chores one by one, day after day. Sometimes we work hard, sometimes we struggle. Sometimes it pays off, and sometimes it doesn’t. But how many times do we stop and rejoice what we have with us, what we have accomplished so far. How many times in our lives do we decide to forget about every single thing and just have fun. A touch of madness at times is essential in life. It adds that pinch of necessary spice to the recipe of our life. Though present only in small quantity, it spices up our life, makes life worth living, keeping us in touch with our wild self and re-energizing us to face the toughest situations to come.
So go out, listen to your instincts for once, do something outrageous, and see how that feels. For these are the moments we will think of when we grow old, these are the memories we’ll cherish forever, and these are the stories we’ll tell to our children and grandchildren.

Coming closer to the self

coming closer to the self

The closer we go to Mother Nature, the closer we come to our own selves. That is what I realize each time I go to a place untouched by man. I believe that nature in its purest form brings out the real us, out of the form we have become, living in a society which pre-defines us and where then we spend our entire lives fitting into that pre-defined role. At every place with minimal traces of human civilization (a place which smells of pure natural life, a place full of wonders) that I visit, I come to find a different me, someone who is very different from the other “me” who goes on with his life in the same way day-after-day, so busy that he has no time to notice the things around, no time to be thankful for what he has, no time to even feel the energy, the life inside him. I feel free, with infinite possibilities in front of me, and most importantly knowing that I am the driver of each of my action. And thus I come to believe that amidst our busy lives, a nature walk to a nearby forest or maybe a small camping trip from time to time can help keep us connected to our real selves, for the serenity of the flowing water of a stream or the melody of a beautiful bird singing from top of a tree can do wonders to even a troubled mind, taking it from a state of disharmony to a state of ecstasy.

Living Dangerously

Living Dangerously

Living in the society so fake and pretentious
Greed is what we find soothing, and selfishness sensuous
Not knowing who we are or where we come from
Not even looking at what we have now become
We destroy the very reason for our existence
Thinking that we can actually go the distance
Fortunately though, so is not the way nature works
Like a giving mother it still nurtures us
It’s time that we see, it’s time we realize
We are men, and now we must fight
Let’s now relieve ourselves of our self-created plight
For once it’s too late, there’ll be nothing but night

A reason to smile :)

A reason to smile :)

Do you think you need a reason to smile? While the answer may vary from person to person, the truth is that we often find ourselves looking around for reasons: reasons to smile, to laugh and to forget about every single worry and just be happy. As we grow and mature over the years, so do the complexities in our lives. That is how our social systems have evolved over thousands of years, considering this as the right pattern in life. Also with the ever increasing influence of technology in our lives it would be nothing less than a lethal mistake to expect our lives to become any simpler going ahead.
Amid all these complexities which constantly occupy our minds, where do we find the peace and solace to keep our brains straight and our thinking rational? The answer does not lie too far, it’s rather hidden in the very roots of our existence, in the same mother nature that nurtures us and provides us with all the necessary means to live.
If we look closely enough, even the smallest of the creations of nature can bring a smile to the most troubled man. Whether it is the warmth of the sun-light falling on your back on a cold winter day, or the cool breeze caressing your hair on a hot summer afternoon, nature is full of such endless little miracles. The early morning dew drops on the grass, the simplicity existing even in the complex patterns in the petals of a flower…..when you are ready to acknowledge these small wonders of nature, you need not look any further as smile becomes your constant companion and you need no other reason to be happy.

From Chaos to Solace

From Chaos to Solace

We often find, when we look at things closely enough, that there are imperfections even in the most perfect things. We find tiniest of the things breaking the symmetries and staining the purity in nature. Even otherwise, we see that there is more chaos than symmetry existing in the universe, and if we turn to science for the answers, it also tells us through a myriad of laws that chaos( or entropy i.e. the degree of disorder or randomness) constantly increases in the universe. Right from the Big Bang that started the existance of our universe this chaos is constantly expanding. Knowing that, doesn’t it seem obvious that we find chaos all around us?

Having said that, we humans have a tendency to look for patterns and symmetry in everything. That is how we learn, by making patterns in our minds, symmetric patterns. We expand our knowledge by classifying everything in symmetric manner. This makes us look for symmetry, even at places it does not even exist. And that is how we find perfection even in the middle imperfection. That is what makes everything so beautiful: the way we look at things. This means that it is up to us to find what is perfect for us. It is us who make things imperfect when we look at them with negativity, and perfect if we look at them with positivism. Solace is everywhere around us, but we fail to see it, for we close our eyes to it. Only if we can open our eyes and see we’ll find that we already have what we have been looking for. We always had it. What we didn’t have was the eyes to see it. Only if we dare to open our eyes, our souls to the existence of that beautiful and perfect imperfection, we will embrace it with open arms and end the infinite chase for the perfect, and that is when we will find solace.